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National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT)

The National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT) is the professional organization that serves neonatal occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists.

Our Vision
We aim to improve the quality of life and neurodevelopmental outcomes for babies who begin their lives in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) through the unique contributions of neonatal therapy.

Our Mission
We support neonatal therapists’ professional and personal development by providing highly focused continuing education, resources, standards, mentoring, and connection while advancing the specialty globally.


Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC

Our story began in 2013 as a vision to transform the experience of hospital care for babies, families and healthcare professionals; to expand the scope of care to embrace our shared humanity and heal the hurt that often goes unnoticed in the fast-paced, technologically-oriented business of healthcare.

The concept of trauma informed care, a well established paradigm within behavioral health for over 40 years, was essentially unknown to the NICU in 2013. However, with irrefutable biologic relevance for babies and families in crisis, Caring Essentials pioneered this concept as a champion for the mental and emotional health for those that do not have a voice.

Today, the concept of a trauma informed approach to care transcends all settings and invites professionals and caregivers to connect with others with open, understanding hearts; seeing their stories in others. This broader view of trauma informed care has driven Caring Essentials Collaborative to expand all ways of serving.

Caring Essentials Collaborative is now the internationally recognized leader in trauma informed developmental care education for those who serve babies, children and their families across all settings.


NIDCAP Federation International

The NIDCAP Federation International (NFI) improves the future for all infants in hospitals and their families with individualized, developmental, family-centered, research-based NIDCAP care.

Model and Impact

Based on the Synactive Model, our approach is rooted in each infant’s expectation for co-regulatory care and for a close, emotionally attuned and invested relationship.


Over forty years, the practice of NIDCAP has been extensively researched. NIDCAP’s evidence-based caregiving approach consistently shows wide-reaching benefits for infants, families, and healthcare professionals.

Training & Certification

Education, training, consultation, and certification is available for newborn and infant intensive care and special care nursery settings towards effective delivery of NIDCAP care.


Infant Massage USA

In partnership with the International Association of Infant Massage, our mission is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education, and research so that parents, caregivers, and children are loved, valued, and respected throughout the United States and the world community.


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