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Our Operations Team

Keira Sorrells

Keira Sorrells

Founder & Executive Director

Bonnie Berglund

Administrative Support

Cortney Lancaster

Digital Marketing


Finance & Strategy

This committee develops, evaluates and reviews budget and organization strategic direction
on an ongoing basis.


Audrey Cohen (Co-Chair)
Kelli Kelley

Membership Engagement

This committee promotes member engagement, establishes & maintains membership requirements, & assesses partnership/collaborative needs.


Bob Selby, Co-chair
Ashley Mann, Co-chair
Allison Bradac
Anna David
Jennifer Driscoll
Gigi Khonyongwa-Fernandez
Kimberly Novod
Jennifer Oliver-Smith
Heather Tanner
Erin Thatcher

Summit/Event Program Planning

This committee plans our annual Summit. From developing the agenda to finding keynote speakers and creative networking activities, the planning committee is the key to making the annual summit a success.


Keira Sorrells, Co-Chair
Kate DeMartini
Pam Frasco
Nancy Micca
Stacey Skrysak

Standards & Review

This committee evaluates & coordinates opportunities for the NPN network to participate in, such as parent review councils, policy issues, parent input for a resource or educational materials, etc.  This committee also reviews and establishes recommendations on how NPN might respond, get involved, and make an impact in the Maternal Infant Health Community.


Jennifer Degl (Co-Chair)
Stephanie Vaughan (Co-Chair)
Amanda Dickinson
Jennifer Driscoll
Kristen Ezzo
Erika Goyer
Yamile Jackson
Brittany Lothe

Partnerships & Collaborations

This committee develops, evaluates, and reviews potential and existing partnerships and
collaborative projects.


Erin Whaley (Co-Chair)
Tracy Pella (Co-Chair)

Project: My NICU Network
Tracy Pella, Lead

Project: NPN/NPA Webinar Series
Tracy Pella, Co-Lead
Ali Dunn, Co-Lead

Webinar Planning


Kristy Love (Co-Chair)
Tracy Pella (Co-Chair)
Angelina Castleberry
Ali Dunn
Erika Goyer
Heather Padratzik
Keira Sorrells

Our Founding Members

From the Inaugural Preemie Parent Summit in 2010

Kelli Kelley, Hand to Hold – Back Row 2nd from Left
Nick Hall, Graham’s Foundation – Back Row Middle
Deb Discenza, PreemieWorld – Back Row Far Left
Kristy Love, National Perinatal Association – Back Row 3rd From Right
Kelly Frasch, Parent Resource Network – Kneeling 2nd From Right
Keira & Richard Sorrells, Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation – Seated Center