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We’re thrilled to announce the unveiling of our newly revised & updated NICU Baby’s Bill of Rights! NPN is committed to being mindful of the evolving needs of NICU babies & families. We’ve reevaluated our original NICU Parent’s Bill of Rights and concluded that these updates and revisions are better aligned with current conditions. The NICU Baby’s Bill of Rights seeks to inform and empower clinicians to encourage & facilitate bonding between NICU parents and their babies. This collaborative project hopes to help address and break down barriers that often prevent NICU parents from bonding with their baby and playing an active role in their daily care. We encourage you to download a copy for your NICU https://nicuparentnetwork.org/bill-of-rights/
A special thanks to our Standards & Review Committee Co-Chairs, Jennifer Degl & Stephanie Vaughan, and all committee members for their dedication & hard work on this project!