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Founder and Executive Director, NICU Parent Network

As Co-founder and Executive Director of the NICU Parent Network, Keira Sorrells has been leading the movement to elevate the NICU Parent Leader as a professional in maternal-infant health. After giving birth to triplets at just 25 weeks 5 days gestation and losing one of her daughters at 14 months old, Keira was propelled into maternal-infant health out of a desire to ensure no parent experiences the trauma of preterm birth or loss alone. Together, with a dedicated team of NICU Parent Leaders, Keira has grown the NICU Parent Network to be a sought-after resource and collaborative partner for providers, researchers, industry, and other stakeholders in this niche of healthcare.

NICU parents are the key stakeholders and the key informants in maternal-infant health, nowhere else in healthcare is this more important than in matters related to neonates, a patient population that cannot speak for itself. Keira is passionate about strengthening the NICU Parent Leader community so that every aspect of maternal-infant health will be improved through informing product development, research protocols, standards of care, and educating families, communities, and providers resulting in families who thrive. Ms. Sorrells’ commitment to authentic leadership and collaboration has successfully brought over 40 NICU support organization leaders together as they have collectively established a unified representation for NICU parents everywhere.