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Katie Reginato Cascamo, M.A. is a social entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, researcher, and educator. With more than 18 years of organizational and leadership experience, she guides executive leaders on how to utilize an interpersonal approach to improving organizational culture. Focusing on an interdisciplinary, values-based approach known as Servant-Leadership, she teaches organizational leaders how to grow those being served, and also serve and empower those who have been traditionally underservedRecognizing that systems across society don’t operate in isolated silos, she also works collaboratively with leaders across industries to discover broader solutions to larger societal issues. 

Professional Associations


Alternative Therapies for Special Needs

Family-Centered Care: Aspects That Were Missing

Family-Centered Care: How it Helped

Life after the NICU: Caring for a Special Needs Child

Life after the NICU: Managing Multiple Specialists

Life after the NICU: How I Was Prepared

Life after the NICU: How I Wasn’t Prepared

Life after the NICU: Transitioning to the School Years

Life after the NICU: Maximizing Your Early Intervention Experience

NICU Experience

Organizational Development/Leadership Within a Non-Profit Organization

Positive Interaction With a Doctor

Positive Interaction With a Nurse

Positive Interaction With a Social Worker

Postpartum Mental Health Concerns: PPD, PTSD, or Other


Pursuing Education After a NICU Experience to Serve Prematurity

Re-Hospitalization After NICU Discharge: First Year Post Discharge

Servant-Leadership in the NICU

Developmental Care: How it Helped

Volunteer Development/Growing a Volunteer Program

Burnout and Depression

Culture of Health Leadership & Development

Servant-Leadership in Pediatrics & Healthcare

Employee Engagement & Human Resources

Emotional Intelligence


Reginato Cascamo, K. (2019, October 11).  Motivational Speech presented at Perinatal Mood Disorders: Components of Care, Postpartum Support International’s 2-day Certificate of Completion Program. 

Reginato Cascamo, K. (2018, February 10).  Examining the role of a servant-leadership paradigm within existing NICU initiatives.  Poster Presentation presented at 1st Annual Congress for Trauma-informed Neuroprotective Care of the Hospitalized Newborn & Infant, Bruges, Belgium. 

Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, October 24). Addressing the needs of a diverse NICU population. Speech presented to 850 Neonatal Nurses at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses, Dallas, Texas.

Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, October 21). Servant-leadership: Recognizing and revolutionizing your leadership paradigm. Seminar presented at Preemie Parent Alliance Summit, Dallas, Texas.

Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, September 18). NICU Heroes. Speech presented at NICU Heroes Awards Event, Redding, CA.

Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015, September 9). NICU Heroes. Speech presented at NICU Heroes Awards Event, Bend, Oregon.

Reginato Cascamo, K. (2015). Family-Centered Care Training. Speech presented at NICU Nurses: Family-Centered Care Training, San Luis Obispo, California.

Reginato Cascamo, K. (2014, July 1). NICU Grand Prize Giveaway. Speech presented at NICU Grand Prize Giveaway Event, San Luis Obispo, California.

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