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The Language of Equity & Inclusion

The Language of Equity & Inclusion – in a field where underrepresented populations are often affected the most by health disparities, the language you use will make or break your organization from the top down – how do we ensure our organizations are creating welcoming environments where every family has an equal opportunity to get the support they need?

Jenné Johns, President & Founder

Once Upon a Preemie

Jenné Johns, MPH, is a micropreemie mom, author, speaker, advocate, and national health equity thought leader. Jenné wrote, Once Upon a Preemie, a bedside companion for NICU parents. She is the Founder of Once Upon A Preemie Academy virtual health and racial equity training academy for healthcare professionals.

Liddy Hope, PhD

Professor of Human Services

Liddy Hope is a professor, therapist, and professional trouble maker. With over 25 years of clinical and teaching experience, Hope has made a career of working for social justice. Hope is best known for her down-to-earth approach and “real talk,” especially when it comes to equity, diversity, and inclusivity.