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Keira Sorrells

Founder & Executive Director, NICU PARENT NETWORK

As Co-founder and Executive Director of the NICU Parent Network, Keira Sorrells has been leading the movement to elevate the NICU Parent Leader as a professional in maternal-infant health. After giving birth to triplets at just 25 weeks 5 days gestation and losing one of her daughters at 14 months old, Keira was propelled into maternal-infant health out of a deep-seated desire to ensure no parent experiences the trauma of preterm birth or loss alone. Together, with a dedicated team of NICU Parent Leaders, Keira has grown the NICU Parent Network to be a sought-after resource and collaborative partner for providers, researchers, industry, and other stakeholders in this niche of healthcare.

Louisville, KY | Oct. 13-15, 2023