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About Martha Sharkey

Founder & CEO

Today is a Good Day

Martha Sharkey is the Founder & CEO of Today is a Good Day (TIAGD), a non-profit providing personal and financial support for families who experience the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Martha and her husband founded TIAGD in honor of their daughter, Claire, and in memory of their daughter, Mary. They welcomed their identical twin girls at just 23 weeks and 5 days on November 14, 2010. Mary was with them only two weeks before passing away. Claire beat incredible odds and came home after 103 days in the NICU at Abington Hospital.

Videos & Interviews


Listen to the Today is a Good Day Podcast

A podcast to bring you a new point of support as you navigate your NICU journey. TODAY is a Good Day is here to be a part of your conversations. These are personal stories from people who have been there, conversations with medical professionals, and lifestyle experts.



Take life ‘one day at a time’ and be present in the small moments.


  • Nemours NICU Conference – April 5, 2019: Sharing our family’s personal journey
  • 16th Annual Neonatal Nursing Symposium – May 9, 2019: Empowering Nurses to Make a Lasting Impact
  • Over 40 Team Building programs with local & national companies, schools, and organizations
  • 30 Today is a Good Day Podcast Episodes – Video & Audio

Speaking Topics

  • Receiving a Terminal Perinatal Diagnosis
    Pregnancy after Perinatal, Neonatal, or Infant Loss
  • Family Centered Care: Aspects That Were Missing
  • Family Centered Care: How it Helped
  • How to Foster Positive Relationships with NICU Doctors and Nurses
  • Loss in the NICU
  • Other Topics Surrounding Bereavement
  • Life After the NICU: Caring for a Former Preemie – Age 10+
  • Peer to Peer Support


Just a quick note of thanks for including me in your big event on Friday.

Your message to the room was outstanding! And it made me go back into our archives and listen to the interview you did for us on VOF.

You have a fantastic talent for connecting with a large audience in such a way… it’s a gift!

I love what you do for sure… and I especially LOVE the way you do it.

James P. Brown
Crane Communications
Executive Vice President/Business Development and Coach


Serving as Chief Operating Officer for an organization, I have participated in numerous team-building exercises over my career. Recently I had the pleasure to participate in a team building exercise Martha led for our staff. I was immediately impressed with her organization and facilitation skills. Her approach is authentic, motivating, and focused. She has the uncanny ability to ensure inclusion of all participants resulting in an inspirational, transformative experience for all. The best I ever attended.

Daniel J. Solecki
Chief Operating Officer
Founders Service Corporation

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