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NICU Helping Hands

Lisa is founder and President of NICU Helping Hands, a non-profit organization based in Fort Worth, Texas, that develops hospital- and community-based projects to provide education and support for families with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), during their transition from hospital to home and in the event of an infant loss.

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Recommendations for peer-to-peer support for NICU parents



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The impact of my days on earth will be measured not by my successes, failures or words spoken.  My legacy will be measured by the lessons I taught my four boys about compassion and empathy for others through my service to others.  


Moncrief Cancer Center, June 2018, My Other Bag is a Prada.

Preemie Parent Alliance Summit, September 2017, Advocating for a 100% Human Milk Diet for NICU Babies.

DFW Collaborative, September 2017, Caring for the NICU Family.

Preemie Parent Alliance Summit, September 2016, Training the Trainer for One-on-One Peer Mentoring

National Perinatal Association Conference, April 2016, Miscarriage in the Emergency Room.

Mednax Fort Worth Journal Club, February 2016, Recommendations for peer-to-peer support for NICU Parents.

Preemie Parent Alliance Summit, October 2015, The 9%: Why Resuscitate 22 Week Infants.

Creative Therapy Consultants Webinar, 2014, PTSD in the NICU Parent: Recognizing and Understanding Its Impact on Parental Involvement in Therapeutic Interventions at the Bedside.

Perinatal Nursing Institute (PNI) Conference, April 2014, Looking Inside the NICU Parent Experience. How NICU Staff Can Help.

TxANNP Conference, April 2014, Supporting Families of NICU Infants.


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