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About Jennifer Driscoll


Lily’s Hope Foundation

Jennifer and her husband had two children born prematurely: Lilian Hope (14) and Aidan Patrick (8). After these NICU experiences, they were inspired to create Lily’s Hope Foundation in 2013. Lily’s Hope is an all-volunteer non-profit that answers the emergency needs of families with premature babies across the country through their Packages of Hope Program and Preemie Pantry.

Outside of Lily’s Hope, Jennifer is the Director of Operations for Cryo Technologies. Jennifer has published three books: Lily’s Hope, A Preemie’s Journey of Hope, Preemie Parents’ Tips to Get You Thru the NICU, and the Heroic Adventures of Hope the Hippo.

Books & Authored Publications

Lily’s Hope Children’s Book

This incredible children’s book follows the experiences of Lilian Hope and her little brother, Aidan Patrick, both born prematurely. 

Preemie Parents’ Tips to Get You Thru the NICU

The Preemie Parents’ Tips to Get You Thru the NICU will “hold” parents of premature babies’ hands while they navigate the stressful, challenging time having a baby in the NICU. 

18 Experts On Running A Successful Non-Profit

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Appearances in the News


My passion to help others along with my life experiences have made me forever dedicated to give back to those families in the NICU.


Progeny Health MLK Day – January 2022

Emmaus Rotary – International Women’s Day Recognition Event – May 2018, March 2022

Lily’s Hope Foundation Gala – Mission Talk – March 2022

Chestnut Hill College – Giving Back to the Community Event – October 2017

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