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Stacey Skrysak is a seasoned television journalist, writer, and public speaker. But her proudest role is becoming a mother. She’s the parent of a 22 weeker surviving triplet and two children in Heaven. Through her experience, she’s become a voice for child loss, infertility, and premature birth.

Stacey’s work can be found worldwide, appearing on popular sites like Today Show, Scary Mommy, Upworthy and Washington Post. Stacey is also the founder of Triple Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at helping NICU families by providing children’s books and care packages. The 501c3 was created in honor of her triplets.

Overcoming Challenges, Finding Life After Loss- Illinois Women In Leadership Symposium, Speaker, 2018

How Child Loss and Premature Birth Shaped Who I Am Today, Illinois Women in Communication, 2018

Love Your Body, Overcoming Challenges – Keynote Speaker, St. John’s Hospital 2017

Infertility: Finding Life after Loss, Premature Birth and infertility, Keynote Speaker, SIU Fertility Center Anniversary 2014

High-Risk Pregnancy
Multiple Gestation Pregnancy
Extended Bedrest
Pregnancy after Perinatal, Neonatal, or Infant Loss
Pregnancy after Prematurity
Perinatal Mental Health (PPD, PTSD, ASD, etc)
Family-Centered Care: Aspects That Were Missing
Family-Centered Care:  How it Helped
How to Foster Positive Relationships with NICU Doctors and Nurses
Positive Interaction with a Doctor
Positive Interaction with a Nurse
Loss in the NICU
Other Topics Surrounding Bereavement
Life After the NICU: Discharge Planning
Life After the NICU: Managing Multiple Specialists
Life After the NICU: Transitioning into School Years
Life After the NICU: Maximizing your Early Intervention Experience
Life After the NICU: Developmental Care
Peer to Peer Support

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