The Art and Science of Resilience

October 21st | 11:15 am - 12:45 pm

What levels of resilience do you find yourself engaging in during challenging times? Do I draw from a reservoir of inner strength or do I become helpless and blame others or outer circumstances? Do I get caught in resisting reality or do I look for ways to accepting reality? Do I view the circumstance from a deep awareness of inner knowing or from unconscious unawareness? Join us to explore the art and science of resilience and discover ways to build inner strength and alignment to overcome suffering.

Neerja Bhatia, Founder

Art of Resilience

Neerja is an author, facilitator, and a life long learner. She is known for dissolving limiting beliefs by inviting deep awareness for new ways of thinking and experiencing challenges. Her approach synthesizes proven methodologies combined with emerging ways of balancing artistic and rational capabilities to thrive in constant change.