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Amanda is a professor, writer, and founder of the nonprofit, Mighty Miracles Foundation. Amanda is the mother of two boys. Their second son, Kaleb, was born at 28 weeks at 2lb 2oz and a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Cerebral palsy has also been added to his medical file. Amanda has written countless articles and authored the children’s book, Our NICU Story, which highlights the emotional journey of the NICU. Amanda is an assistant professor and director at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, where she teaches future educators, therapists, and coaches, bringing her professional and parental perspective on differing needs and abilities.

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She brings her professional and parental perspective on differing needs and abilities.


Nursing Care and spiritual care-we need your best when we are at our worst. Oklahoma Wesleyan University, School of Nursing, March 2019

Purposeful Play-therapy tips and tricks for the home. Led two sessions at Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN)-Phoenix, AZ September 2018

Countless course lectures, guest lectures, and seminars at Oklahoma Wesleyan University -August 2012-ongoing


Receiving a Prenatal Diagnosis
Life After the NICU: Caring for a Special Needs Child
Life After the NICU: Pursuing Education after a NICU Experience
Life After the NICU: Rehospitalization After NICU Discharge
Life After the NICU: Discharge Planning
Life After the NICU: Transitioning into School Years
Life After the NICU: Maximizing your Early Intervention Experience
Life After the NICU: Developmental Care
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Not a disease but Down syndrome and CHD.

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